In the center of France, on an 18th century estate, we offer for rent two cottages, both suitable for up to 6 people:

  • Garderner’s Cottage
  • Farmer’s Cottage

Our main activity is keeping horses on a biodynamic basis.
Surrounded by unspoiled nature, with patience and luck, you will be able to observe, listen and photograph the many animal species living on the estate.

You are, however, requested not to disrupt nature under any circumstances. It is important to keep the tranquility. Walks on the grounds are therefore not allowed.

The following animals can be observed on the domain: a variety of birds such as the black kite, nightingale and several owl species.
Also red deer, wild boar, foxes and badgers are found on the estate.
We would like to recommend, you bring binoculars and a camera.

You will be able to enjoy the burling of the red deer from the middle of September to the middle of October.
You will then have an excellent opportunity to watch this beautiful animal. Our strict conditions are, that the wildlife is not to be disturbed while observing.

Pets are not allowed.