Medicinal baths

There are many medicinal baths in the area, including in Vichy, Neris les Bains and Bourbon l’Archambault.

The pleasant little spa town of Néris-les-Bains has been known since ancient times because of the good functioning of the hot water. Numerous ruins bear witness to a rich past.

The Néris-les-Bains Thermal Baths, specializing in the treatment of rheumatic, neurological and psychosomatic conditions, also offer wellness and relaxation courses.

For the ultimate relaxation, visit the new Spa Recreation Center with indoor and outdoor pools, sauna, steam room. Enjoy the various skin and body treatments.

The welcoming spa town of Bourbon-l'Archambault is set in a green setting, in the heart of the hilly countryside of the bourbonnais.

The city of Bourbon-l'Archambault is the cradle of the Bourbond dynasty. You can find medieval ruins of the 13th century castle. The castle of the Dukes of Bourbon, opened from February to November, offers stunning views of the water city and surrounding landscapes at the top of the mooring holes.

Bourbon-l'Archambault also means the thermal city, formerly loved in royal and imperial courts, with a pleasant park, and the magnificent thermal baths classified as historical monument. The thermal baths are specialized in the treatment of rheumatic and gynecological disorders. Relaxation and vitality packages are also offered on site.

Discover the wealth of Vichy's thermal heritage.
The thermal baths are located in the bathhouse, a building with a beautiful dome.

The spa town of Vichy, located in the heart of the Bourbonnais, is known by the Celestijnenbron, which naturally generates gaseous water at a constant temperature of 17.3 ° C. This water full of minerals, known for its beneficial effects on digestion, for skin and tint. From which the name is "the tones of the Celestines".

Numerous events, animations and horse rides are awarded annually on the city's agenda.

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